Zhu Deng

Ph.D. Student

Department of Earth System Science

Tsinghua University

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2019 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School. “Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation”. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 2019.

2018 Applied Energy Summer School. “Energy-Emission-Water Nexus at Global Cities”. Beijing, China. 2018.

Conference Presentations

AGU Fall Meeting 2018. Poster presentation. Washington DC, USA. 2018. Title: Fine-resolution Ground-level PM2.5 Estimations in China 2014-2017

The Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS Series Reports. Oral presentation. Shenyang, China. 2018. Title: The Global CO2 Spatiotemporal Distribution

2016 Fifth International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics. Oral presentation. Tianjin, China. 2016. Title: Floating car data processing model based on Hadoop-GIS tools.

Conferences Organized

The 5th China Graduate Conference on Climate Change. Chair of organization committee. Wuxi, China. 2018.

The 4th China Graduate Conference on Climate Change. Major organizer. Jiaxing, China. 2017.