[GIS/FCD/Map-Matching] Map-Matching using Yingyan Trace by BMap API

Map-matching algorithms integrate positioning data with spatial road netwok data to identify thr correct link on which a vehicle is travelling and to determine the location of a vehicle on a link. Various map-matching algorithms has been derived from literatures.

BMap recently  released a service named Yingyan Trace, which offered users APIs to upload positioning points, generate and manage traces, and map discrete GPS points to continuous trajectories based on road network.


Floating Car Data

Floating car data (FCD) is collection of GPS records about driving status, regularly sampled from GPS equipment in vehicles.

GPS records of a taxi on Nov. 18th, 2014, were used to this case study.

ID: 1379

Records in total: 616

While adjacent points are lined, lines do not coincide with road network.

BMap API Key

Create an application on BMap API Console, and get a API key.



 API Description


addpoint - Upload a single point

Interface Description
upload a track point for an entity

Request URI

HTTP Request Mode

Request Parameter

Return Value

Transformat records to wget post request:

Example:  wget –post-data=”ak=0QG***SRL&service_id=13**16&entity_name=1379&longitude=116.***090&latitude=39.***810&loc_time=1479258504&coord_type_input=wgs84&load= ” http://yingyan.baidu.com/api/v3/track/addpoint



Trace Management Console

Map-Matching: tied road network


API Desctiption


gettrack - trajectory correction

Interface Description
Real-time query for an entity within a period of time travel information: from the end, the total mileage, fees mileage, track point list. Support for track denoising, pumping thin, tied, mileage compensation and so on.

Request URI
URI: http://yingyan.baidu.com/api/v3/track/gettrack

HTTP Request Mode

Request following url and get a json file with map-matching results in return:


Visualization in ArcMap

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